Oshin Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.  is one of the largest thriving pharmaceutical companies in India.

Over the last few decades, it has been developing & manufacturing the pharmaceutical products and selling & distributing these in over many countries around the world. The company focuses on providing high quality, appropriately priced products to its customers and supports all these with dedicated customer service.

Oshin Laboratories has a multicultural, multilingual and multinational workforce of more than thousand employees including over hundred and fifty people outside India in many countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, CIS, and USA.

The company has one of the best Research and Development (R&D) setups in India, manned by more than hundred scientists and engineers from various disciplines including biology, pharmacology, clinical research, chemistry, toxicology, and different disciplines of engineering.

In pursuit of excellence, the Company is foregoing ahead with its expertise and experience, constantly laying emphasis on customer satisfaction and confidence through quality control and assurance. The company always had a bent towards maintaining high quality standards which have endeared the organization in its prime export areas. Right from the creation of infrastructure stage the company kept objective of quality excellence to achieve total quality management.

AreasThe Company is manufacturing products to treat patient illnesses and produce products falling in the following areas:

 • Gastroenterology
 • Ophthalmology
 • Cough and Cold
 • Anti-Hypertensive
 • Respiratory Diseases
 • Anti-Allergic
 • Dental Segment
 • Anti-Diabetic
 • Antibiotics
 • Orthopaedology
 • Pain Management
• Anti-Oxidants

Oshin Laboratories always first to improve human health and quality of life. We will always be overwhelmed with your needs and feel ourselves grateful to fulfill them with care. We strengthen to serve you our best-n-best with quality assured products, inspired team and well-spirited network to fulfill your needs.

Our Mission is committed to serve the community health. We are dedicated towards enhancing patient’s health and medical research for betterment of future generations, along with a passion for taking a leadership role as a pharmaceutical company.

We will ensure our presence in regulated markets and strive
to be amongst in the TOP COMPANIES.

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